Amcor Beverage Cans.

Project Description

Project: Aluminium cans washer upgrade
Client: Amcor beverage cans
Budget: $1.2 million

This project involved completely rewiring and upgrading the electrical system, field wires, instruments and PLC’s including SCADA.

It also involved a dual crane lift of the 42 ton machine to generate real estate underneath by raising the washer 1.2m. Cut out and remove the old rusty framework from under the washer. Design and fabricate a new higher chemical resistant framework with full accessibility under the washer to replace the old one. Completely redesign the infeed and out feed to the washer. Shorten all stacks and change all service connections. It included design and installation of new work platforms, handrails and access stairs around the washer.

The whole project was only given two weeks of production downtime from start, to end of commissioning and commencement of full production again. It required extremely thorough planning and execution with numerous contractors working over various parts of the washer at the same time.

Project Details

  • Date February 26, 2015
  • Tags Electrical Systems
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